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Working With Foreigners

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Working with Foreigners

Working With Foreigners

If you work closely with foreigners you may have encountered some issues when working together, but hopefully you have also found some ways to work together effectively. This article will suggest some methods that will help you work alongside foreigners successfully and come to a better mutual understanding.

Ensure you really know how before you undertake a task

When working with foreigners, the most important thing is results. Many people are afraid to question instructions given them even when a set task is difficult or impossible to complete, especially when there is a strict deadline. Instead, if you are unable to work according to a particular plan, you must make your difficulties known politely and sincerely. Otherwise, if you have accepted the task in the first place but are unable to complete it, you may be considered unreliable or untrustworthy in the future.


1.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When setting a task, foreigners are usually happier if their employees ask questions because this means the employee is interested in the finer details or would like to know more about the job. Many employees, however, don’t like to ask questions because they feel they will appear foolish, lose face or may even lose their job. But if employees don’t ask questions they won’t be able to complete their tasks correctly and will only attract larger problems later on.


2.  If you make a mistake, always tell the boss

Never hide the truth or try to cover up your mistakes. Instead, inform the boss as soon as you make a mistake. This will make it easier for you to sort it out and solve the problem before it gets any worse. It’s true that you may face an angry boss, but the boss will be even angrier if the hidden mistake lads to even greater problems because you didn’t take responsibility for it in the first place


3.  Ensure Clear Communication With The Boss

Foreigners usually prefer speaking directly or in a straightforward manner, so you must think carefully and order your thoughts before broaching any issue. What are the possibilities? What problems could arise?  What are the causes? Lastly, what are your suggestions for solving this problem? You should have a few different suggestions at the ready, express your own opinions and analyze the expected outcome and risks involved.


4.  Periodically Report Progress

Bosses tend to like to know how your work is progressing from time to time. You should report your progress to your boss every now and then so that he or she can see that everything is going well. In regard to how often you report and how, you should observe your boss and see which communication methods they prefer; it may be by phone or by email, telling them daily or weekly – every employer will be different.

Try some of the above four strategies at your workplace; you never know, a very small change could make a very big difference. Hopefully this will help to create a more effective work environment for you and help you to work better alongside foreigners.


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    As I read above 4 columns, if we could take them to our daily working atmosphare, i think; not only working with foreigner but also working with Lao people would be very effective to the task that given by the higher person.