5 underrated cafes in Vientiane

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It seems like every two minutes there’s a new cafe (or Samsung shop) opening somewhere in Vientiane. Some of these cafes are good, some are average and some are just plain weird. Of all the underrated cafes, here’s a few that rarely get the props they deserve:

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1. TaTa Cafe

TaTa Cafe Laos

TaTa Cafe looks like something out of Cloud Atlas. Super bright color scheme, tooth-rotting toffee or caramel shots in your coffee, bubbling with happiness. Sweet! Serves Thai-Lao food. Find it here opposite the Mercure.

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2. The Little House

The Little House in Vientiane laos

The Little House is, like its name, quite literally a little house. It’s in a very unassuming location and you could easily walk right past it without even noticing it. Next time, try stopping in. Amazing array of coffee, sumptuous deserts, Japanese minimalism. Best (or worst) of all, no WiFi, so you have to actually just eat or drink and then get out.

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3. Take It Easy

Take It Easy Cafe Laos

Take It Easy has THE fastest internet of all cafes in all of Vientiane (possibly put together). Like, really fast. They also have coffee and pretty good croissants too. But yeah, FAST internet. It’s a quiet place where you can do you work with a great connection and the only other patrons will be a bunch of equally quiet freelancers working on their laptops.

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4. Friend De Cafe


Friend De Cafe, much like TaTa Cafe, is a colorful but relaxing place to stop off for a coffee, some Thai-Lao food or dessert. Don’t pass it by next time. It’s located on Luang Prabang Rd next to Pack Luck. And yes, that’s the Disney font.

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5. Little Cafe by Guru

Little Cafe by Guru
Everyone is intrigued by apple stores or other mobile phone shops but if you spend too long in there, people might think you’re strange. So now you can grab a coffee at the same time and stay as long as you want! Little Cafe by Guru is a nice place to sit indoors or outdoors and watch the traffic go by on Samsenthai Rd.  Free drink if you buy a phone!

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