A Wealth of New Flavors for Eight Treasures Chinese Restaurant

Eight Treasures Chinese Restaurant Laos

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Eight Treasures Restaurant, the exclusive Chinese restaurant at Vientiane’s Don Chan Palace Hotel expanded its menu this week, holding a four-day taste testing event for esteemed patrons and invited guests.  The restaurant has flown in a team of five new chefs from mainland China, led by Chef Lin, who brings to the table his extensive knowledge of authentic flavors from the country’s Canton and Hunan provinces.


Guests were ushered to tables fitted with ‘lazy susans’ and welcomed by Mr. Ng Sir Liang, Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing, who introduced the new Chinese cuisine. He commented that both provinces feature particularly light fare; Cantonese dishes focusing on soups and broths, and Hunan dishes being slightly spicier. The Hotel saw a need to provide authentic dishes for their Chinese clientele, and held the event to receive feedback from the greater community.

Hunan Stir Fried Pork

Served first were slightly sweet corn buns with rich meat filling, and Hunan stir fried pork, a simple but flavorsome dish combining expertly marinated pork slices wok-tossed with capsicum, deep in color and rich in flavor. Complementing this was a corn broth from Canton called Pork Ribs Corn Soup, which was clean and refreshing to cleanse the palate.


Hunan Pickled Fish

A soup of marinated ribs in mustard leaves was served next, featuring tender braised pork atop a mildly piquant broth. Served alongside this was Stir-Fried Golden Corn Bits with Preserved Meat, a dish that gets straight to the point both by its name and its taste. The corn was followed by Stir Fried Treasures of the Sea, another simple yet appetizing dish featuring crisp fresh greens and juicy shrimp. Guests were also served Hunan Pickled Fish and Stir Fried Vermicelli as well as fried rice and a fruit platter to finish up.

Dim Sum Don Chan Palace

The addition of Cantonese and Hunan flavors to Eight Treasures’ already extensive menu makes for some fresher and lighter alternatives, creating a balanced menu of provincial specialties. The Hotel plans to expand the restaurant, merging it with the rest of the second floor in the near future, allowing greater capacity and bringing authentic Chinese food to the Vientiane community. As well as the a la carte menu, guests can also enjoy a spectacular Dim Sum buffet for lunch or dinner at Eight Treasures Restaurant, Don Chan Palace Hotel.

For more information, call +856 21 244288 or email info@donchanpalacelaopdr.com.



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  • Have been there for Dim sum buffet at lunch! It was very good! It taste better than the famous chinese restaurant in Udon, and the price are reasonable. Not expensive at all for the quality of food.i will going back again for sure!