Concentrate to Avoid Road Accidents (in Laos)

Accident Laos
VIENTIANE MAI: Many road accidents occur in Laos because drivers are careless and do not follow traffic regulations. Take the accident pictured above, for example; it arose on the morning of the 29th of April at 7am in Nonkhor Neua Village during peak hour when most people were travelling to work. The accident involved a 10-wheeler hitting a motorbike. The truck’s front left wheel completely flattened the motorbike. The motorbike rider was extremely lucky not to have lost his life, instead suffering only minor injuries.

This accident serves as a reminder for everyone that extreme caution must be taken when driving. Drivers must award each other the same courtesy and not be careless, lose concentration or drive drunk or under the influence of drugs. Everyone should drive carefully and follow all traffic regulations. Simple rules such as using indicators when turning can make a big difference. Also, drivers should check for cars in front and at the rear before crossing a road or turning. If everybody follows these simple rules then accidents can be greatly lessened.


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  • The official numbers for accidents, casualties and injuries are a joke, not more than 20% of the truth.
    The vast majority of Lao drivers are selfish assholes who think they are alone on the road.
    They mostly learned to drive on a motorcycle when they were kids and there was maybe 1% of the traffic we see today.

    They don’t have a clue about the basics of road safety.
    They are never courteous to other drivers or pedestrians.
    They are not even considerate of anything smaller than them.
    They don’t look for approaching traffic when entering a road.
    They don’t stop at red lights.
    They drive between lanes.
    They park in places blocking traffic.
    They block intersections.
    They don’t know how to handle a roundabout.
    And they throw trash out of the window.

    The traffic police is mostly useless.
    They are not out there to contribute to a better society.

    I could go on and on but you get the point.
    Just remember that it becomes worse with nightfall.
    Forget about the image of the gentle smiling Lao people.
    That’s when they also get drunk and aggressive.