Google Translate for Lao Language is Launched

?????????????????? GOOGLE TRANSLATE! Remember our post about Google Translate for Lao and the hard work that so many volunteers have put into the program? Well, Google added Lao to its Google Translate tool today as its 65th officially supported language! Click here and select Lao from the list of language and use Google translate Lao to translate from or into Lao!


According to Google’s official Google Translate blog, Google is “excited to bring Lao content to users around the world, and to help Lao speakers access more of the world’s web content in other languages.”

The Google Translate team is constantly working to improve automatic translations, both for languages that have been available for some time, and for currently unavailable languages whose translation quality has yet to meet launch standards. This work includes collecting new data from which the system can learn and grow smarter; changing the algorithms behind Google Translate; and improving the grammaticality of translations. There are many languages that Google works on that are not there yet but that they hope to launch them in the future.

Support for Lao language meets launch standards, but translation quality is at the lower end compared to that of other languages offered. Lao has therefore been designated with an “alpha” status until Google can make further improvements. While the Lao translations will be usable in some situations, like providing an English reader with the gift of an article written in Lao, they will fail in other situations where more precise translations are needed.

Google needs your feedback in order to improve the quality of Lao translations. Click here to see ways in which you can directly help Google improve the quality of Lao translation, or that of any other language.