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The InstaWifi Android App


Have you ever been to a restaurant or somewhere else with free wireless internet and the WiFi password is really long or complicated and difficult to remember? It can sometimes be a painstaking process to enter in a long password, particularly if it contains various special characters. If you ask the storekeeper for the WiFi password they might tell you incorrectly or else you might mishear and spend even more time trying to enter an incorrect password over and over. This can be really frustrating!  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program that would allow customers to instantly connect to a store’s WiFi just by taking a photo from their smartphone or tablet?

The solution is an Android app called Insta WiFi. This app converts a WiFi password into a QR Code so that customers can use their smartphones or tablets to photograph the QR Code and instantly access the WiFi connection without keying anything in. This way the shopkeeper doesn’t need to waste time telling the password to each customer (and can concentrate on sales instead) ^_^.

Let’s take a look at how to set up and use Insta Wifi:


1. Open Google Play Store, type in “Insta WiFi”, locate the app, download and install it.

2. After opening the program, navigate to the first screen.

3. Before anything else, make sure to get your QR Code by clicking the pencil icon (at the top right) and then you will see a place to enter WiFi information.

Under ‘SSID’, enter the name of your wireless connection as this will appear in the QR Code. If your shop is called “Noy’s Café” you might want to call the SSID “noycafewifi”. But of course you can name it whatever you like.

Security: Here you must enter the type of security password used by your WiFi connection (the most secure password type is WPA/WPA2)

Password: In this section you should enter the actual WiFi password itself (8 characters or more).

4. After adding the above information, go ahead and click “add” to create a QR Code.

5. After that, you can print the QR Code image and display it on tables or elsewhere in your shop or restaurant.

6. Now when customers come to your shop or restaurant it’ll be really easy for them to access your WiFi. All they  need to do is use their smartphone and scan the QR Code on your display and the system will set up the WiFi internet connection on their phone automatically.  That’s it for setting up InstaWifi. Hopefully you’ll find this app useful and a good way to save time. Best of all, it’s free!


You can either print the QR Code out directly or you can post it up on social networking sites such as Facebook directly from the program.

All you will need is a program that can scan QR Codes as well as a Barcode Scanner. If you don’t have a Barcode Scanner you can download an app from the PlayStore, just like the QR Code apps.


This article was written by Jetdtana Viengsani and first published in Issue 18 of eCorner Lao IT Magazine who have agreed to its republication here. View the original article at their website.