Is Electricity Expensive in Laos?

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????????????????????????? Is electricity cheap or expensive in Laos? ???????????????????????????? ???????.  This article compares the prices of electricity in Laos to other countries in the region and the world.


With 10 large hydro power projects already operational in Laos and still more under construction, it’s no wonder the country proudly refers to itself as the ‘Battery of Asia’. Many of these hydro power projects export power directly to neighboring countries and yet in Laos itself only 76% of all households have access to electricity. It is hoped that by 2020 the entire nation will be connected.

Electricity tarrifs have recently increased in Vientiane and this has certainly hit everyone’s pockets hard, but should we really be complaining? Just how much are residents of Laos paying versus people in other countries? Work Live Laos did some investigating and came up with a comparison; it seems that electricity is still remarkably cheap in Laos even when compared to our neighbors. So next time you get hit with a big bill, count yourself lucky that you’re living in Laos and not Cambodia, let alone Sweden or the Netherlands where you would be paying up to 7 times as much!  See the table below for a comparison:

Lao vs World Electricity Prices


Ok, so electricity tariffs are relatively cheap in Laos. But did you ever receive a power bill that was still extremely high? Were you left scratching your head as to how it could have happened? The bottom line of your electricity bill depends very much on how you use your appliances and how often. To get an idea of what your appliances might be costing you (in Laos), see the below table:


Appliance Costs in Laos

Air-conditioners and clothes dryers are the appliances that consume the most electricity. Limit your use of these by only cooling the rooms you are using. Dry your clothes outside on sunny days instead of using the dryer. Remember to turn lights off and switch your computer to ‘hibernate’ mode when not using it. You’ll also make quite a saving if you replace all the light bulbs in your house with compact fluorescent bulbs. But the rest of the time, relax and be happy that you’re paying a lot less than everyone else in the world!

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Electricity Prices Laos

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Appliances Costs in Laos

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Translation: Silvia Luanglath


  • Every time I stop at the Luang Prabang electric company office to pay my bill, the air con is going full blast and the sliding door is wide open and almost impossible to close. So wasteful and so the wrong place to be so wasteful, unless their intent is to tick off their customers even more.

  • We are also earning a lot less than the rest of the world.