Lao driving test to be computerised

Laos Driving School
Officials have successfully conducted a trial computerised driving test that will reportedly replace the current conventional and out-dated driving test.  

“Driving test takers will choose questions themselves, and their answers will be scanned by the computer. This test doesn’t require human-based judgment,” said Mr Nuansay.

The computerised test will cover the theory section of the driving test for the time being, while a computerised practical test is expected to be available next month, according to Deputy Director of Land Traffic and Driving Management Unit of Transport Department, Mr Sisamouth Phanthachack.

“Only 10-15 out of 100 testers can pass the new test and some of them have to take up to two or three tests to qualify for a driving license. This means people will have to work harder and read their testing book more carefully,” said Director ofVientiane Capital Vehicle and Driving Management Unit, Mr Nuanxay Phaxaysombath.

The move is part of preparation for integration into ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, according to Mr Nuansay.

“For years we used an out-dated testing system which resulted in low-quality outputs and attracted public criticism on test cheating and bribery,” the official said.

Laos Driving School


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KPL, 02 April 2014
Translation: Vathida Phonekeo


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