People in Laos should not be scared to help others

Accident Laos
Police have said people in Laos should not be scared to help others, and Lao people must discard the negative perception of being blamed for their involvement if they offer help to people who are victims of a road accident.

Deputy Director of the Vientiane Traffic Police Department Major Youttaphong Souvannasing said Lao people should not ignore an accident and they should be prepared to help those who are involved.

Police made this response after a number of Lao people described the perception they had that they would be blamed for the accident or accused of being involved in the accident if they lend a helping hand to those in need.

“Clearly people should help each other when accidents occur,” Major Youttaphong said.

“This is considered everyone’s social responsibility.”

He said it was impossible for police to blame anybody who helped out at an accident. Rather, they would be protected as they may have helped to save lives.

“We have heard this rumour a lot and we want the public to be clear in their minds and dispel this negative perception, as it is untrue,” Major Youttaphong said.

In principle, tuk-tuk and taxi drivers should take responsibility for people who are involved in road accidents.

Police advised the public that if they witness a road accident, they should immediately call rescue teams or police officers to take the victims to the hospital in the event that they do not know how to administer first aid. The public is also advised to refrain from moving the victims.

Road accidents have now become a major concern as a total of 3,056 have occurred nationwide since the beginning of this year, the police reported.

These resulted in 556 deaths and a total of 5,193 people injured.

A recent case saw a woman lying unconscious on the side of the road in Sikhai village, Sikhottabong district.

The accident occurred at approximately 4am and the woman was taken to hospital six hours later and died from brain damage.

Passersby who saw the woman were reluctant to help her as they thought she was mentally unstable.

Major Youttaphong said that whether the victim was mentally unstable or not, as a Lao citizen it is our responsibility to help each other out.


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Vientiane Times
July 10, 2014
Photo: Vientiane Times
Translation: Vathida Phonekeo

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  • The official numbers for accidents, casualties and injuries are a joke, not more than 20% of the truth.
    The vast majority of Lao drivers are selfish assholes who think they are alone on the road.
    They mostly learned to drive on a motorcycle when they were kids and there was maybe 1% of the traffic we see today.

    They don’t have a clue about the basics of road safety.
    They are never courteous to other drivers or pedestrians.
    They are not even considerate of anything smaller than them.
    They don’t look for approaching traffic when entering a road.
    They don’t stop at red lights.
    They drive between lanes.
    They park in places blocking traffic.
    They block intersections.
    They don’t know how to handle a roundabout.
    And they throw trash out of the window.

    The traffic police is mostly useless.
    They are not out there to contribute to a better society.

    I could go on and on but you get the point.
    Just remember that it becomes worse with nightfall.
    Forget about the image of the gentle smiling Lao people.
    That’s when they also get drunk and aggressive.