Hotel Swimming Pools in Vientiane

Swimming Pool Settha Palace (hotel)

(Updated May 2014)

Let’s face it, the weather is always hot in Laos. That means you pretty much always feel like going for a swim, don’t you? But sometimes a public pool just doesn’t cut it. Public pools are not always well maintained and can carry a wealth of bacteria and infectious diseases.  Pool operators need to constantly monitor chlorine and pH levels, else harmful germs such as Giardia, E. coli and cryptosporidium parasites can take hold. But if you don’t have a pool of your own, where’s the next best place to take a dip? Probably a hotel swimming pool. Rather than simply dumping a host of chemicals in and hoping for the best, hotels usually hire a full-time pool guy to manage chemical levels and vacuum out the pool. Hotel swimming pools also attract less swimmers per day than public pools.

So which hotel swimming pools in Vientiane are open to non-guests and how much do they charge? See the below table for information:


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Vientiane Hotel Swimming Pools 2014



  • Doesn’t that Garden View place also have a pool?
    The one in Ray’s – PDR alley.

  • Just went past Cosmo the other day, did you know they have a different rate for men and for women? Men pay 30,000kip, and women pay 25,000kip apparently. I’m thinking they are trying discourage the men from being out and about in a bathing suit…

  • Have pictures to go with them?