TV Lao To Begin Broadcasting

TV Lao
Television Lao Limited (TV Lao), a privately-owned Lao company began full time broadcasting yesterday following a trial period of test screenings. “Around 15 TV programmes are set to be screened around the clock,” President and CEO of TV Lao Mr Hongkham Souvannavong told Lao media yesterday. “Programmes will be screened on sports, tourism, culture, documentaries, socioeconomic affairs, business, technology and a wide range of general knowledge topics,” he said. About 30 to 40 percent of programme content will focus on sports, but of course there will also be slots on tourism, culture, socio-economic issues and other programmes, Mr Hongkham said. “We have our eye on sports because Lao sports are important to the public and should be properly promoted through the media.”

According to Mr Hongkham, viewers of TV Lao are now able to watch programmes through the THAICOM 5 satellite on the 3640 MHz frequency, for which the company pays a fee of US$160,000. “A variety of programmes, faster news reporting and interesting news content are the main objectives of TV Lao, which we will present to our viewers through high definition digital devices,” he stressed. TV Lao programmes will also be broadcast through the cable network throughout Vientiane and some provinces. “In fact, we don’t have particularly outstanding programmes yet but viewers will give us feedback after they see what we have to offer,” Mr Hongkham said. He confirmed that the formal inauguration of TV Lao will take place soon but they have not been able to arrange a schedule as yet. More than 26 countries will be able to watch the programmes, as the channel will be broadcast through the THAICOM 5 satellite.

TV Lao and the Department of Mass Media of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism reached a joint agreement in December last year to create a new private station to broadcast sports and arts programmes. TV Lao Ltd is located in Phonphanao village in Xaysettha district, Vientiane. The company invested 16 billion kip to construct the station complex that comprises a five storey building, another single storey building and the broadcasting studios. The first privately-owned Lao TV station, the Lao Star Channel, mainly focuses on education and entertainment. The addition of TV Lao will bring the number of mainstream channels in Laos to six, including three state-owned channels, and three private ones. 

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TV Lao

Vientiane Times, KPL
March 07, 2013



  • i’ll be a DJ in TV Lao. i like this.

    • I’ll be a DJ in this company, this work is my dream. Thank you advaned.
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